Bathroom blog roundup: bright yellow sinks, green paint and wire mesh

It’s the middle of January and finally we can’t pretend it’s the holiday season any more. With everybody back at their keyboards and working away, it’s a good time to take a look at the best of the New Year crop of bathroom blogs and see what is occupying other writers on the subject this week:

  • Getting bored with basic white? It looks like the pendulum might finally start to swing the other way again when the avant-garde is using bright colours. Cue MyInteriorDecoration (no relation to us, honest) pointing you in the direction of an astonishing creation from Lagares – the Corian sink. It’s available in a number of vivid hues including bright yellow. Are we seeing the future?
  • Over at Nouveau Bathrooms they’re examining the delights of the wire mesh shower curtain. It’s billed as a flexible and versatile fabric, easy to maintain and perfect for creating a sleek, modern look. We think it’s a potentially very stylish idea – but you’d need to be ever so careful to stop your bathroom looking like something built by the Stasi in East Berlin during the 1980s. Avoid the white tiles, maybe.
  • This one’s actually at the tail end of 2007, but we think it’s well worth including, and we’re sure you’ll agree. Hotel Bathrooms Exposed does exactly what it says on the tin – and brings you exclusive reports from around the world. This post gives you an exclusive insight into how the high-rollers at the Mandalay Bay Resort, Las Vegas relieve themselves. The top line: it’s lush.
  • The 45fix Home Remodelling Blog (it’s a US publication but we’re spelling that the British way here) is following up on a Cincinnati Enquirer article on seven deadly bathroom sins. How many of these have you committed? No, seriously? Take that advice about doing the maths, it’s very sound. And you can even relieve your conscience by confessing to your own sins in the comments.
  • House to Home has some timely advice for anyone who wants to make their New Year home makeover as green as possible. It includes tips for environmentally-friendly paint, natural flooring and ethical accessories. Definitely worth a read!