Baths and showerbaths

Choosing a new bath can be quite an intimidating decision – after all, the bath forms the centrepiece of most bathrooms and it’s a welcome touch of luxury in the lives of many of us.

So, how do you go about choosing the right style for you? Check out our guide to the different types of bath you may find on websites and in showrooms with some tips about what works where. Here it is:

Rectangular Baths
This is your common or garden bath which is, therefore, available in a vast range of shapes and styles including wide-end baths, curved baths and square-end baths and ideal for small to medium or even odd-shaped bathrooms. They tend to be manufactured in a wide selection of sizes, and even come in very small sizes for the really compact or en-suite bathroom. You can increase your options by varying bath panels and fitting very wide range of taps – but you need to decide on mixer or separate taps before you buy as the tap-holes are ready-drilled.
Shower Baths
These are a highly practical solution for smaller bathrooms and typically consist of a bath widened out at one end to make a convenient showering space while retaining the bathing option. They are generally manufactured in a contemporary style, married up with glass shower screens and suitable for people who want a clean and unfussy bathroom design. The same rule about taps applies – you’ll need to know whether you want separate or mixer taps before you buy.
Freestanding baths
This is the one we’d probably all have if we could – a freestanding bath is a fantastic choice as a centrepiece if your bathroom is big enough to allow it. Freestanding baths come in contemporary and traditional designs meaning you can use them to achieve whatever bathroom look you are aiming for. Most freestanding baths work well with either wall-mounted or standpipe taps, which make great design features in their own right.
Corner baths
Luxury bathroom feature or canny space-saver? Maybe a bit of both – certainly, a corner bath can be a very economical feature if you’re short of space or dealing with an awkwardly-shaped room.