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Bathroom Heaven logoBathroom Heaven
Looking for the ultimate rubber duck? Look no further than Bathroom Heaven. Its website has a section dedicated to everyone’s favourite bathtime friends. And these are no ordinary rubber ducks, oh no. The Heavenly Trio of small ducks is perfect for playing with at bathtime, but for the full duck experience nothing beats Big Momma (7ins tall) and Big Daddy (11 ins tall). As the retailer says, you’d be quackers not to…
Firebox logoFirebox
Firebox is the home of all sorts of groovy gifts and gadgets – and it has products for the bathroom too. Whether it’s battery-powered spa lights to give your bath a touch of spa luxury, the latest in themed rubber ducks or celebrity bathroom scales that inform you whether you’re heavier than Roseanne or punier than the Karate Kid. Or see what a search on ‘shower’ throws up…
I Want One Of Those logoI Want One Of Those is the ultimate retailer of stuff you don’t need but you really, really want. Its website has a dedicated bathroom section full of stuff so silly (and yet strangely desirable) that we can only scrape the surface here. How about Sudoku loo roll? Wind-up bath sharks? A light fitting that looks like a hanged man, or an in-shower radio disguised as an extra tap? It’s a site you just have to browse through…
John Lewis logoJohn Lewis
John Lewis has some waterproof speakers for your Apple iPod which make listening to that favourite album in the bathroom perfectly feasible. They are also resistant to common chemicals such as soap and shampoo.
LoveHoney logoLoveHoney
LoveHoney is an online adult store with a great reputation for being women-friendly and fun without any unpleasant seediness. It has an entire bathroom range, full of discreet massagers hidden inside rubber ducks and sponges, plus footrests, handles and one or two other items you can attach to your shower or bath with powerful rubber suckers. Have fun!
A quick warning – these links go to adult products and are not suitable if you’re easily shocked or embarrassed, are browsing with your family (“Mum, what’s THAT for?”) or are at work. Though, we suppose it depends where you work…

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