World Toilet Day brings a flushing good insight

Which bathroom-themed website has taken the world by storm this morning? Why, one that allows you to track the results of a flushed toilet and find out exactly where your poo ends up once you’ve waved goodbye to it.

The google maps mashup at is the brainchild of bleach company Domestos, which aims to raise awareness for World Toilet Day – that’s today, so it’s doing pretty well, as you’ll see from some of the Tweets below.

Have a go here >>

This event is designed as a global day of awareness about the worldwide crisis in sanitation that sees 4,000 children die every day from diarrhoea caused by dirty water and poor hygiene. Learn more here.

And it’s certainly raised some serious awareness this morning, with the news going around social networking site Twitter like, well, a dose of salts where it has captivated celebrities and less-celebrated folk alike.

Everyone seems delighted with the opportunities for tracking both distance travelled, direction of travel and speed of travel. Here’s a small sample of tweets on the subject:

  • @caitlinmoran Wow. is amazing. According to the map, my last poo is currently attacking houses in the next street. Sorry, Denton Road.
  • @emmafreud am just saying… if you’re anywhere near the hammersmith flyover – watch out for a precious little part of my son in the vicinity RIGHT NOW
  • @suzyglaskie Second he found, son rushed to do poo and it’s now passing directly outside my office, 2 miles away. Compulsive viewing
  • @sarahbrownuk Serious message! RT @EndWaterPoverty Lucky enough to have a loo on World Toilet Day? In Poland, UK, SA or Ireland see!
  • @Mitshellin I’ve been tracking my poo for a laugh using Disturbingly, it seems to have followed me all the way to work :-|
  • @alasdairbaird Remind me never to go swimming in the Firth of Forth…

As you can see, this is a subject with some traction. You can keep up with the very latest Flushtracker tweets here – or check the hashtag #worldtoiletday.