Will you be tapping into World Plumbing Day?

A timely reminder that clean water and waste disposal are necessities, not luxuries, as well as being essential for the health of people across the world is coming our way courtesy of World Plumbing Day on March 11.

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The event is organised by the World Plumbing Council, which gave the go-ahead to its first ever day of action during its annual meeting in Centurion, South Africa, last autumn.

Its theme will be plumbing – vital to global health, and plumbing organisations throughout the world will be invited to participate in activities that raise awareness of the industry’s role in promoting clean water and environmental benefits.

A logo for the day, designed by young Indian graphic designer Anuja Khokhani of Ahmedabad, India, incorporates the key elements of water, health, energy and environment.

The organisation says it hopes the logo will be used widely, creating awareness of the the important role plumbing plays in both developed and developing countries.

WPC Chairman, Robert Burgon, due to launch the event in Beijing, China, says: “Our hope is that on World Plumbing Day, the world will come to realise that plumbing is essential in protecting both the health of our people and the health of our planet.

“There are already international days for many important causes but this will be the first time that plumbing has been marked in such a way. As our logo says, we hope that on March 11 there will everywhere be far greater understanding of the role of our industry.”

You can watch a video about the event here: