Ensure bathroom fans are working properly

Here’s an important safety tip – make sure your bathroom fan is clean, not clogged and working properly. As one Canadian newspaper has just reported, the alternative could be a fire.

The Nanaimo Daily News, which covers part of Vancouver Island, reports that a local man had to be evacuated to a hotel for three days after a roof fire in his home.

Fire investigators believed the cause was a blocked bathroom fan. Any blockage in the blades risks causing the wiring to overheat, with all the associated safety risks.

A visual inspection should tell you if there is any blockage in your fan. If you need to clean it, remember to isolate the electrical supply first, and never push any object through the grille into the blades. This is not a substitute for proper maintenance.

If you are concerned about the condition of your fan or its wiring, or fear it might be blocked, the best thing to do is to get a qualified electrician in to take a look.

Most importantly, don’t ignore problems like excessive noise or any hint of a hot smell. As the article linked to above shows, it’s not worth the risk.