Jesus spotted in mouldy bathroom

The human ability to see patterns in what many might regard as random shapes knows no bounds – as this story from the Brighton Argus shows. A local woman, taking a shower in her mouldy bathroom, has noticed that Jesus’ face is imprinted there.

The paper takes up the story thus:

Jesus found in Brighton bathroom

Ms Wootton knew it was about time to redecorate her mouldy bathroom, but a chance encounter with the Lord has now convinced her to get a move on.

Agnostic Ms Wootton, 36, who works for the students’ union at Sussex University, said: “I was just getting out of the shower and looked up and saw in the peeling paint a picture of Jesus. I thought ‘wow’ – it’s uncanny.

“It looks like he is preying [sic], it’s hilarious. I am not a believer, but people find Jesus in all sorts of things.” Read the full story (and see the illusion for yourself) here.

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Indeed, and it’s comforting to know that Ms Wootton is actually taking the decoration issue far more seriously than the illusory visitation. Seriously enough, we hope, to get some good ventilation in there as well as some anti-fungal paint on the walls and ceiling.

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