Top tip: When tackling bathroom spiders, don’t use your lighter

“I would do anything for love (but I won’t do that…)”

Three cheers from MyBathroomFinder this week for the kind man who tried to help his partner by removing a scary spider from the bath-tub. It’s a scene often repeated here and, we are certain, in households around the UK.

But a big thumbs-down for the impracticality of method he chose – a highly-flammable aerosol unfortunately coupled with a lighter designed to illuminate the beast’s whereabouts in the absence of a working lightbulb.

Instead of removing the menace it succeeded in burning him severely and the Essex fire brigade having to attend the scene. Spider 1, man 0.

The BBC’s Newsbeat takes up the story:

Spider hunt ends in bathroom explosion

Fire crews, who gave him first aid at the scene, say the man did the right thing by jumping straight into his shower to cool down.

The 28-year-old suffered flash burns to his head, legs and body on Monday night (30 August) and was taken to Colchester General hospital for treatment.

The father-of-two told Essex fire service that he’d used his lighter to see the spider because the bulb in his bathroom had blown.

Read the full story here – but don’t click through if you’re an arachnophobe, since they’ve used a horrid picture to illustrate it.

The fire service said it was unable to confirm whether or not the spider had been killed. They’d better wait on standby in case it reappears with a flamethrower…