Hitchcock bathroom: a makeover to die for…


Here’s news on a bathroom makeover you don’t see every day, courtesy of US crafts and DIY site Craftster.

A woman who describes herself as aged 25 and from Denver, Colorado, writes how she and her husband bought a house in care of some care and attention and proceeded to do it up – until eventually they got to the guest bathroom.

Here’s what they had already:

…the bathroom was migraine yellow! It was a horrible color to wake up to (most of the house was in colors similar to this one) Secondly, after some poking around it turned out the floor was basically rotten through so we had to take it up and replace it, as well as some *minor* structural work.

Fair enough. Indeed, not many of us would like to wake up to that. But as for the replacement…

This couple have built themselves a Psycho-themed bathroom, based on the Hitchcock film. It looks, from the photos, to have been beautifully-done, including a great dripping-blood frieze around the walls, a ‘Bates Motel’ vacancy sign, retro motel-style furniture and a silhouette of the crazed Mrs Bates and her knife imprinted on the shower curtain.

Do you reckon you could shower in that alone? Most of the commenters seem to love it, so maybe this could start a trend.

Read the full story and view the pictures here – if you dare…

PS: Craftster’s a great resource for people attempting unusual or off-the-wall DIY projects, so definitely worth a look if that’s your scene.