How to fix a broken tile

When a tile gets chipped or damaged it can ruin your carefully-renovated bathroom – and it always seems to happen to the ones in prominent places…

This handy video from Screwfix and Collins DIY explains how you can repair the damage with the minimum of fuss and effort.

It explains how to remove the chipped or damaged tile, what tools and products to use (including the necessary drill bits and specialist tiling accessories) and what protective clothing is advisable.

It shows you how to loosen grout before drilling holes in the centre of the tile to weaken it and make it easier to remove, and then how to employ a hammer and chisel to get rid of all the pieces of tile before scraping out the remaining adhesive – a particularly important step for a good finish.

It goes on to demonstrate the best technique for applying adhesive and using spacers to position the tile correctly for grouting.

The final step is the grouting – and the video reminds you not forget to mix a small amount and make it up to the right consistency if you are using a dry product. Then wipe away any excess grout and leave the whole thing to dry.

Lo and behold, your bathroom disaster is averted and everything looks smart once more. If you’ve got any tile repair or grouting tips, or similar good advice for repairing bathroom disasters, why not leave a comment and let us know?