Big Brother to feature TV’s most tasteless bathroom

Channel 4 has released photos of the house that will be used for Big Brother 9 when it starts on Thursday – and no matter how dreadful the contestants turn out to be, the bathroom is worse.

Housemates will inhabit a house that, although larger than usual, seems to have been designed to mess with their heads by subjecting them to constant contrasts.

There will be a stylishly modern living room and kitchen, a prison camp bedroom, a bright and plant-filled garden with pool, and a bathroom that has been created to “scream Donald Trump meets P Diddy”.

It’s decorated in gold, veined marble and turquoise and it features a gilded statue of Michaelangelo’s David and a bath tap shaped like a swan.

You can check out the series nine house on the Big Brother archive here, if you dare.

But if you have a strong stomach and can face the full horror that the hapless housemates will be subjected to, try photo number 11 in Digital Spy’s series here.