Bathroom blogfest

We missed all the fun, it seems, but Susan Abbott at the Customer Experience Crossroads blog has just run a summary of the posts generated by what she expected to be a fun little experiment that just grew.

The Bathroom Blogfest was apparently supposed to be a loose group of women bloggers writing about restrooms in businesses and shops, and what their standard said about customer care. As she writes, it exceded expectations:

This topic really resonated with people. When I told people, the initial reaction was typically a “that’s weird” response, immediately followed by personal observations, recollections, frustrations and wishes.

I completely underestimated the power of this issue. Marketers and experience engineers need to pay attention to this issue, because expectations are rising. People care, they remember, they are judging and evaluating all elements.

Go visit, and have a look at some of the linked posts.