Playing fantasy bathrooms with Jonathan Adler

If you like looking at pictures of impossibly beautiful bathrooms that are entirely impractical for your home – but which might just provide you with a bit of design inspiration, then we’ve got a beauty for you.

US interior designer Jonathan Adler has been at work on behalf of bathroom manufacturer Kohler. He’s created a new room at the Kohler Design Centre based in Wisconsin, USA, that’s inspired by Stanley Kubrick’s masterpiece 2001: A Space Odyssey.

View the bathroom on the Kohler blog here >>

It doesn’t stray very far at all from the current orthodoxy that bathrooms should be white, white and white. Apart from a few gold accents, that is. But what we particularly like is the way the very sharp contemporary lines are softened by some really rococo flourishes – especially in the mirror designs, the use of heavy drapes and the lights reminiscent of candles or chandeliers.

It’s a brilliant way of taking something we’re all used to seeing and sending it in a completely different direction – and we hope you enjoy looking at the pictures too.