The amazing Technicolour dream shower

Much excitement among gadget fans at the news of a frighteningly-stylish designer Italian shower unit that offers chromatherapy – the latest trendy must-have in the shower world.

Using colours to affect the mood and promote a sense of general well-being is hardly a new idea – it’s been going on for thousands of years. Building a procession of ever-changing coloured lights (or one constant one, if you prefer) into a shower unit without lapsing into eye-frazzling bad taste is a different matter altogether.

Kositalia‘s new ‘Kosmic’ steam and shower cabin offers that, and more. The testosterone-fuelled boys at the T3 gadget site reckon “scrubbing up never looked so cool” and say it is “designed to chase away the winter blues, using colours to leave you feeling relaxed as well as squeaky clean”.

Over at T3’s sister site Gadget Candy they note that the Kosmic steam and shower cabin can be illuminated with a choice of eight colours to best suit your mood. From the vitality of red to the harmony of green, the feel-good fitting offers light relief by the bucket-load.

The catch? It costs £14,000.

While no-one’s pretending this is the cheap option for kitting out your bathroom, there really is little on the market to compare if you want a unique and eye-catching experience in your own home.

And who knows – this colour stuff may even work!