Italian design, English traditionalism

We were curious, after looking into a hyper-stylish, hyper-expensive, hyper-colourful Italian shower a few days ago, to see what other instant bathroom classics were coming from the drawing boards of Italian designers.

Thanks to home decor site Trendir, we’ve found out. And we’re not convinced.

Under the headline Italian Bathroom Innovations – the latest trends in contemporary bathrooms, Trendir writes:

Instead of creating objects to fill the bathroom, the new Italian trend is to build the bathroom with entirely integrated fixtures. Instead of individual pieces, the bathroom becomes a single functioning unit. Controls are removed from the form and instead are integrated conveniently into the environment.

Like Antonio Lupi Design’s new Materia faucets. The slim reaching spout can be wall mounted without the distraction controls can impose on the form, while the lever sits conveniently in reach on the vanity. It also gives a freedom, allowing the spout to convey its function without distraction, while freeing the control unit to blend the slim reach of the spout with the round body of the drain cover.

Well, it sounds impressive, and the photos look cutting-edge. But we wonder whether most people really want impressive in the bathroom – don’t most people want comfortable, welcoming, warm, affordable and, yes, stylish too – but not at the expense of everything else?