A World of Warcraft-themed bathroom – step by step

It’s great to have hobbies, and even better if you can share them with your significant other. That’s exactly what has led this couple, Paul and Gloria, to create a World of Warcraft-themed bathroom.

It’s all there – replica weapons and a dragon’s head mounted on the walls, stone dungeon detailing, skulls, gargoyles, ravens, and even the kind of lights that wouldn’t be out of place in the snug of your local tavern helping barbarians to locate their beer mugs.

And the whole labour of love has been documented on Photobucket for your viewing pleasure (just follow the link above). It also represents a step-by-step guide to creating your very own fantasy-themed bathroom.

Only, unless you’re a Horde member, don’t expect to be able to call round and use it. In fact, don’t even check out the pictures.

Come to think of it, who are you looking at, Alliance scum?