Etiquette expert offers guidance on bathroom reading

Have you ever wondered whether there are some things you simply shouldn’t do in the bathroom? For instance, reading poetry? Or even opening your morning post?

Fear not, help is at hand! The resident etiquette expert at The Washington Post, the wonderfully-named Miss Manners, has tackled precisely this topic in recent days. Here’s a taste of what she had to say:

Miss Manners: Guidance on bathroom reading


You are asking Miss Manners to break her habit of refusing to deal with bathroom questions. Her general position is that once you close the bathroom door, she does not care to follow you. What you do in there does not concern her, and this includes reading.

However, this has to do with being on the way to the bathroom and how it affects your colleagues and others, so she supposes she had better tackle it.

To see what she says, you’d better read the full story in the Washington Post here…

But here’s a hint. For the sake of anyone else in the vicinity, brevity is strongly recommended. And, we might add, paying due attention to leaving the room as you would wish to find it.