Greenpeace says: sing in the shower!

Here at MyBathroomFinder we reckon it’s our job to help you find your ideal shower – but what you do in it after that is, er, entirely your own affair…

However, lobby group Greenpeace is asking you to spare a thought for the environment while you’re taking your daily scrub. It recommends choosing a favourite song to sing or whistle – and then limiting your shower to the time it takes you to get through it!

Also, it says, why not turn off the water while you’re soaping yourself, to be even more energy-efficient? We think this might just stop that gorgeous shower gel you just treated yourself to being washed straight down the drain before you’ve had the full benefit from it….

For more top energy-saving tips check out the organisation’s How To Save The Climate guide

Meanwhile, in Australia, a prominent politician has really taken this advice to heart.

Opposition environment spokesman Peter Garrett has produced his top 10 favourite shower songs that come in under four minutes, to encourage Australians to take shorter showers (as told to that country’s Daily Telegraph newspaper):

Mr Garrett has vowed to “save the planet one song at a time” with his shower playlist.

“Your favourite track might be the perfect way to reduce your water and electricity bills, do your bit for the planet and get your day off to a flying start.”

“One of the easiest ways to shorten your shower is by timing your morning ritual to one of your favourite songs.

“It’s not hard to find a list of four-minute tunes to get your day underway, and if you don’t have a stereo near the bathroom, this is the perfect chance to impress your loved ones, flatmates or neighbours with your singing voice.”

Mr Garrett’s top shower tune was the Easybeats’ Friday on My Mind, which lasts just under three minutes. Read more here…

So, what are your top tips for songs to sing in the shower? Why not get in touch and let us know?