Crazy idea number 1,792: keeping a pet bat in your bathroom

Bathrooms can be very individual spaces – at least that’s what we like to tell our readers.

So it’s virtually impossible to buy a suite that’s not white these days? Never mind, it’s nothing short of amazing what you can achieve with the right furniture and accessories.

But one accessory that’s definitely best left elsewhere is a pet bat.

You heard us right: despite the risk of a nasty bite and possible rabies, not to mention the legal sanctions that would come from interfering with one of these highly-protected creatures in the UK, someone has decided their bathroom is the ideal bat habitat.

Leaving aside any obvious belfry jokes, we should report that this happened in Portsmouth, New Hampshire and the bat-nappers, when they finally woke up to the unwisdom of their venture, called the police out to come and get rid of it.

And this saga did not end happily for the bat. It was, in the words of the Portsmouth Herald covering the story, “euthanised” and then posthumously tested for rabies.

The paper quoted local police captain Lou Ferland who said: “Bats would not be good pets… we do not encourage people to capture bats.”

He advised residents encountering bats in their homes to open a window and turn the lights on in the hope that the bat will leave.

Folks, please don’t try this at home, especially if you’re fond of your friends and family.

Imagine the stress of attempting to spend a penny while watching some dark shape hanging from the shower rail…

Alright, that’s enough of that.

Read the full Portsmouth Herald story here