Bathroom manufacturers’ water labelling scheme goes live

A new scheme designed to help consumers find out how much water their bathroom fittings will use has gone live.

The Water Efficient Product Labelling Scheme, brought to you by the Bathroom Manufacturers’ Association, started operating on September 1.

It aims to help people buying products including WCs, cisterns, baths, taps and showers find out how much water their new fittings will use and how they can choose items which will eliminate water waste.

It also hopes to promote awareness of the need for water-saving and to promote excellence in bathroom design which also has a keen emphasis on water efficiency.

Membership of the scheme is open to is all companies who manufacture or sell products in the UK that meet the relevant criteria.

The BMA says of the scheme: “The aim is to help you easily identify water-efficient products that, when installed and used correctly, use less water than other products available on the market.

“Clever use of smart technology in stunning designs means we can do our bit to stamp out waste without compromising on style.

“The scheme provides a credible, recognisable label and website helping you become more aware of water issues and the water efficient products available on the market today.”

For more information visit the scheme’s website here.