Why people visited MyBathroomFinder.com recently

People have been visiting MyBathroomFinder.com recently and searching for the answer to some pretty amazing queries.

Whether it’s bathroom terminology, hygiene or design tips, here are some of the strange, quirky, humorous and puzzling questions people have been trying to solve recently. If any of these were yours, leave a comment and let us know whether you found the answer.

And if you’ve got an off-the-wall query of your own, let’s hear it (within the bounds of reasonable good taste, thanks) and we’ll see what we can do about answering it.

  • Is toilet water cleaner than sink water? There are a fair few variations on this question, also encompassing the query of whether bathrooms are generally cleaner than kitchens – it’s clearly a topic on a lot of people’s minds. Where do the concerns come from? Well, roughly once a year or so a group of scientists somewhere seems to publish a report with findings suggesting kitchens are capable of harbouring as many or more germs as bathrooms if good hygiene is not practised, especially in regard to cloths and mops. This then gets picked up and reported with the usual media restraint (not) as toilet water being more hygienic than tapwater. Draw your own conclusions, but here are two reasonably evidence-based articles from the NHS Choices website on germs and home hygiene that may provide some solid information.
  • Anti-bacterial toilet seat – following on from our first item, who knew that such a thing existed? Apparently, however, a unique ‘Hygiene ‘N’ Clean’ anti-bacterial treatment helps reduce the accumulation of germs and bacteria on the seat. Croydex does one.
  • Bathroom shop near 5 ways corner – sadly this was beyond us, since the all-knowing Google Maps produces more than 15,000 results for this search term. Sorry – you need to narrow it down a bit.
  • Crazy shower curtains – in these days of contemporary minimalism and glass bath screens the shower curtain is still quietly thriving, albeit as a minority interest. Many of them are woefully sensible. But there are some brilliantly nutty designs out there these days with psychedelic flowers, sharks’ fins and all sorts of other oddities. Our tip: try non-bathroom retailers such as gift and gadget websites.
  • How to achieve a masculine bathroom – Sweep all the bloody cosmetic clutter into the bin then leave towels on the floor, use the towel rail for airing worn gym socks and fail to clean into the corners for two years. Sorted. Next?
  • How to make a bad bathroom look good – Ah, we sympathise with this. If you haven’t got four figures to spend on a designer bathroom makeover, you rent your house or flat or you live in shared accommodation your options can sometimes seem a bit limited. However, do not despair. You need our feature on cheering up bathrooms on the cheap. Find it here…