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In-depth looks at aspects of how to make your bathroom the best room in your home.

  • The contemporary bathroom look – and how to get it

    Our guide to contemporary design and where you need to go to make your bathroom stand out. So – the time has finally come to get rid of that horrible old avocado suite and floral shower curtain. Instead you’re planning a gleaming modern bathroom masterpiece. But there’s a fine line to be trodden here: get…

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  • Solve all your problems while sitting on the loo…

    Solve all your problems while sitting on the loo – that’s the promise made by an author whose latest book is being marketed as “perfect bathroom reading”. Ernie Carwile’s Maxwell Winston Stone series aims to impart eternal wisdom during that crucial five to seven minutes while you are closeted in the bathroom, performing your ablutions.

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  • All aboard for the perfect Victorian bathroom

    Who owns a house like this… a restored Victorian station house that came with the original fireplaces, railway-lamps and sleepers in the garden?

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  • Bathroom readers: you’re not alone

    Do you enjoy taking a good book into the bathroom with you? And does this habit get you laughed at by unsympathetic household members? Never fear – you might be in a minority in your own home, but you’re not alone. 2008 is the 20th anniversary of the Bathroom Readers’ Institute and its series of publications.

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  • BMA bathroom trends report is essential reading

    Here’s something you really do need to take a look at if you’re interested in finding out about the latest in bathroom trends and design features. The Bathroom Manufacturers’ Association (BMA) has put together its 2008 report on consumer trends in the bathroom market.

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  • Extreme skincare: The all-over fish treatment

    This is one for all those readers constantly seeking new and outlandish beauty treatments. Come on, then. Do you have the cojones to sit in hot water while being eaten alive by shoals of tiny fish?

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  • Memorable public bathrooms of the world

    On one occasion we were asked: “So, your site’s not a guide to finding a public convenience, then?” As a service to all those people that may have wound up here looking for just such a site, here’s a little information about toilet tourism.

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  • Shower of love for Michelle and John

    A couple of days ago we wrote how there was no shame in getting in experts to work on your bathroom for you. Today we learned about an Arizona estate agent who would certainly agree – Michelle Reynolds was so pleased with the plumber who fixed her shower that she married him.

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