How badly do you need to hear the bathroom door close?

Are you one of those people that badly needs the privacy of a firmly-closed bathroom door, with shared public conveniences proving a trial that make the bladder muscles clench unalterably?

Or are you one of those happy souls that can take a leak, without a care in the world, regardless of who may be in earshot? If the latter, you may be able to cope with the bathroom arrangements profiled this week in American blog Apartment Therapy.

It asked: “Are we needing less privacy?” The question came after a visit to a W Hollywood Hotel bathroom with glass walls and then observation of a trend towards no walls at all. Read the full piece here.

Our feeling is that we restrained Brits would probably find it all a bit much. But, that said, what’s known as shy bladder syndrome can be a real problem to sufferers. The medical term is paruresis – learn more here.

Perhaps we had better hang on to our bathroom doors for a while yet, regardless of interior design trends…