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17 Sep 2010: Missing painting found hanging in bathroom

A lost painting worth more than a million dollars that went missing for six weeks has turned up – hanging on the bathroom wall of a New York doorman.

4 Sep 2010: Internet-free bathroom comedian: “I’ve grown as a person”

Remember that guy from New York who shut himself in his bathroom for a week, to the consternation of his wife, in order to break his Internet addiction? You’re dying to know how he got on, right?

3 Sep 2010: How badly do you need to hear the bathroom door close?

Are you one of those people that badly needs the privacy of a bathroom door, with shared public conveniences proving a trial that make the bladder muscles clench unalterably? If so, don’t read this.

3 Sep 2010: Top tip: When tackling bathroom spiders, don’t use your lighter

Three cheers this week for the kind man who tried to help his partner by removing a scary spider from the bath-tub. But a big thumbs-down for the impracticality of method he chose.

24 Aug 2010: Fleeing to the bathroom to hide from a web addiction

This just in from New York – a Queens comedian has taken to living in his bathroom and sleeping in his bath tub in a last-ditch bid to cut himself off from online distractions.

19 Aug 2010: Now shipping: a bath mat made of living moss

Things growing in the bathroom aren’t usually a cause for celebration. But this we love – a bath mat made of living moss.

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