Bathroom blog roundup: massage functions and gleaming surfaces

Tuesday, December 11th, 2007

We thought that, as a new feature for the MyBathroomFinder blog, we’d have a look at what some other bloggers have to say about the world of bathrooms and home decor this week.

  • Gizmodo, the uber-blog for geeks in love with gadgets, is featuring the slider shower concept – a fold-in shower that also has a back and shoulder massage function. It looks great – but is the shower head big enough? See what you think…
  • The Trendir home decor blog is taking a look at the Four Seasons luxury bathroom from Italian firm Milldue. You thought bathtime was about getting clean? Think again. It’s “a quest for comfort and harmony” in which “surfaces gleam alluringly and stretch out invitingly.” Steady on there. Link safe for work? Probably…
  • The Keetsa blog asks: why should green-branded DIY and household products be more expensive than regular ones? (And then links on to girl gadget guide Shiny Shiny in search of an answer.) A very good question and one we’d quite like to know the answer to as well…
  • On the subject of high-end, visit contemporary design blog CubeMe and swoon over this Swarovski crystal-studded toilet. That’s right, for only $75,000, created by design company Jemal Wright. We think it’s maybe taking bling a little bit too far as you could well suffer severe performance anxiety…

Are there any good links we’ve missed and ought to know about? Let us know…

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