Did you know about Houseproud?

Here’s something that older people and people with disabilities or with a disabled family member need to know about.

Houseproud, also known as the Home Improvement Trust, is a national organisation that helps people in these groups find the cash for repairs, improvements or adaptations to their homes.

So if you need, for example, a bathroom adaptation and are having trouble finding the funds, this is one possible port of call.

According to its website, Houseproud offers a safe and easy way to get essential jobs done professionally and with the minimum of fuss. And, if finding the money to pay for it all is a problem, Houseproud can help with that too.

The organisation offers a variety of loans that are affordable, tailored to the needs of older people and those with disabled household members and carry a no-repossession guarantee.

Houseproud is run by a group of not-for-profit organisations that include local authorities and its aim is to help homeowners to continue to live safely and independently in their homes.

For more information on the organisation, and how it can help you, download its booklet here (you’ll need Adobe Reader) and visit its website here.

Or call the organisation free on 0800 783 7569.