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19 Aug 2008: Bathroom revamps help beat property market blues, say new surveys

A new bathroom is one of the tactics being used by householders who are changing their mind about selling their homes and doing them up instead, according to two new surveys.

16 Jul 2008: News alert: house buyers spotted by surveyors

We’re in one of the gloomiest periods for the housing market in recent memory – but there are still a handful of people out there looking to buy, according to the latest report from a professional organisation.

16 Jul 2008: Could a VAT cut on home improvements save you cash?

A campaign to cut VAT on maintenance and home improvements is supported by MPs and manufacturers’ groups who say it could have sweeping benefits.

7 Mar 2008: Did you know about Houseproud?

Houseproud is a national organisation that helps older people or those with a disabled family member find the cash for repairs, improvements or adaptations to their homes. So if you need, for example, a bathroom adaptation and are having trouble finding the funds, this is one possible port of call.

13 Feb 2008: Hitchcock bathroom: a makeover to die for…

Here’s news on a bathroom makeover you don’t see every day, courtesy of US crafts and DIY site Craftster.

30 Aug 2007: Bathroom dilemmas: doing up a bathroom in a rented flat

Here’s the dilemma of the rented flat-dweller: how much do you do yourself, and how much do you leave to the landlord? We figured, there are times when there’s just no point in expecting other people to sort your life out for you. But obviously, under the circumstances, we wanted a nice living environment for as little as we could possibly spend. So, how to sort out our horrible old bathroom without leaving ourselves too far out of pocket?

2 Jan 2007: No shame in getting help…

Sometimes you need an expert to help install that perfect bathroom. That’s the view of Kathryn Hughes, writing in The Guardian, whose new year’s resolution is to get in a handyman or woman to fix her DIY dilemmas.

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