All aboard for the perfect Victorian bathroom

Who owns a house like this… a restored Victorian station house that came with the original fireplaces, railway-lamps and sleepers in the garden?

The answer, according to The Telegraph, is Graham and Barbara Barthorpe – selling up their lovingly-restored and quite unique home in Walkeringham, Notts, to downsize for retirement.

Personally we think it sounds wonderful – especially the period bathroom with its very own fireplace. Here’s an excerpt from the Daily Telegraph’s story on the subject:

Period property: All change on the Lincoln line

Refurbishing the house was an ongoing project, which they finished just five years ago.

“Graham is a very good handyman, so we’ve done most things ourselves,” she says. “He’s a health and safety adviser now, but used to work offshore, which is why it took so long.” They have put one fireplace into the living room, which used to be the waiting-room, and the other into the bathroom.

“We have tried to make it as Victorian-looking as we can, right down to the wallpaper,” says Barbara. The cistern and chain-pull in the bathroom are reproduction. “We had to search quite hard to find what we thought would be right. The rise-and-fall Victorian light in the bathroom is original, and we managed to find an original cistern for the cloakroom.”

The green paint on the exterior doors is the original Great Northern colour and they’ve added a conservatory. Read full story here…