Solve all your problems while sitting on the loo…

…that’s the promise made by an author whose latest book is being marketed as “perfect bathroom reading”.

Ernie Carwile’s Maxwell Winston Stone series aims to impart eternal wisdom during that crucial five to seven minutes while you are closeted in the bathroom, performing your ablutions.

Here’s an excerpt from the press release:

One day, while reading another book on quotes, it was as if the clouds parted and he was able to glimpse … to see that there were recurring themes being written about by every generation. Tracing this idea back 2500 years to the time of Plato, he discovered fifteen of these recurring themes.

A fascinating insight arose – where each generation had their “aha” moment and wrote about these solid truths, it became obvious that they believed they were the first to discover them. They simply had no idea that generations before them had already discovered these gems. Two vital questions then evolved: What if these invaluable secrets of living could be incorporated into the lives of not only our current generation, but also for all future generations? And, could this contribute to literally raising the consciousness of our world?

At only $10 each, the books are a fast read … thus the perfect bathroom book.

Sound tempting? Visit the author’s website here.