Fancy a robot to clean your bathroom floor? Here’s the Scooba

If you find cleaning the bathroom a bit of a chore, you’ll hardly be the only person to think so. But help could soon be at hand – with the floor at least – thanks to a company that manufactures robots to help with domestic chores.

iRobot, the company behind the famous Roomba, has developed the Scooba – a floor-washing machine that can wash around the toilet and basin pedestals, sucking up common household bacteria as it does so.

Its manufacturers say it is clever enough to find the edges of rooms and clean underneath cabinets, as well as running through a varied cleaning routine that means it covers the same floor area five times on average.

All you need to do is set it running and let it get on with the job. Here’s a video from the manufacturer demonstrating how it works:

Now, can these clever people sort out something that will scrub wall tiles, clean baths and disinfect toilets too? How about descaling shower enclosures?

If so, we’ll be their best friends…