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11 Jan 2011: Fancy a robot to clean your bathroom floor? Here’s the Scooba

If you find cleaning the bathroom a bit of a chore, you’ll hardly be the only person to think so. But help could soon be at hand – with the floor at least – thanks to a company that manufactures robots to help with domestic chores.

19 Aug 2010: Now shipping: a bath mat made of living moss

Things growing in the bathroom aren’t usually a cause for celebration. But this we love – a bath mat made of living moss.

22 Jan 2008: Look out for new ideas following the KBB show

If you’re looking for the very latest in bathroom trends then it’s a good idea to keep an eye on a major industry event coming up soon. The KBB (that’s kitchens, bathrooms and bedrooms) show is taking place at the NEC in Birmingham at the beginning of March.

21 Nov 2007: Turn your bathroom clutter into state-of-the-art design

We bet you thought that having a cabinet stuffed with clutter was a shameful thing that was utterly ruining your cool, sleek, minimalist bathroom credentials…

2 Oct 2007: Check out the Wattson energy-saver

Here’s a great new product that’s designed to help you monitor and control the amount of energy you’re using in your home – the Wattson from DIY Kyoto.

25 Sep 2007: Get your very own glass radiators…

Here’s a beautiful household product – the glass radiator. That’s right – instead of all that nasty painted metal, you simply have a sheet of glass that radiates heat.

20 Aug 2007: The Future Toilet: Coming to a bathroom near you?

For all those perverse souls who have wondered about the facilities on the Starship Enterprise, or are curious about the physiology of a Time Lord, well, this post is for you.

25 Apr 2007: Get your coffee fix in the shower

Never let it be said that MyBathroomFinder doesn’t let you know about the very best in personal grooming products. This has been on the market for a while but seems to be getting quite a bit of attention at the moment.

22 Mar 2007: Kohler Sok: Never worry about your overflowing bath again…

Is this the ultimate in luxury baths? Unfortunately we’re not sure any of our partners are offering this Kohler sok bath for sale – if they were, we would love to feature it!

24 Nov 2006: The amazing Technicolour dream shower

Much excitement among gadget fans at the news of a frighteningly-stylish designer Italian shower unit that offers chromatherapy – the latest trendy must-have in the shower world.

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