MyBathroomFinder: why people visit us

Most of the visitors to MyBathroomFinder are looking for exactly the kind of things you’d expect – information on specific brands, or general tips such as advice on how to fit a shower.

But we do get some far more off-the-wall searches – here are a few examples from the site stats that have caught our eye recently:

  • victorian bath cleaner – would it still work? Only joking – we do actually see what this means. Apparently mild soap and a soft cloth is the answer for galvanised iron or copper, possibly followed by a wax coating to protect against hard-water mineral deposits. Don’t scrub or abrade at any cost, or you’ll ruin the finish.
  • pine telephone seat – we imagine this reader has a bathroom of a size that most of us can only dream about.
  • what i need in my bathroom – glad to help with this one! We hope you could pick up the basics by browsing round the site, but perhaps it could be the basis of a future feature article…
  • anti vandal toilet seat – the mind boggles. Let’s hope it’s at least for commercial rather than domestic use. And that the measures aren’t so aggressive that you’re forced to hover over the seat rather than actually sitting on it.
  • how fit electric bathroom – there are some fundamental safety issues here that we don’t feel qualified to even get started on.
  • creative way to hang shower curtain and design your own shower curtain – we loved both of these. Get in touch and let us know if you found the answers.
  • unblocking site – was the query about a site that needed unblocking or searching for a site about unblocking? And, given the blockage problems that a bathroom can generate, then we feel it would be a brave webmaster that would tackle this topic.
  • tasteless furniture – go elsewhere! Everything here is in the best possible taste.
  • monks bench – facilities for the ascetically-minded? Known as latrines or garderobes in the average mediaeval monastery, and based on a culvert flowing underneath a shared facility. See, there’s no end to our knowledge here.
  • bathroom colour design for hospitals – doubtless an important topic, but also extremely specialised. Probably outside our remit.
  • create a zen bathroom – another one that we loved. Perpetually flowing water, artfully-placed pebbles and concealed speakers playing Buddhist chants? Minimalist in the extreme? Another one we’d love to hear about if the searcher reads this post.

While we can’t answer every query that comes our way, we hope that most of our visitors find something on the site that can help them solve their problems or find the information they need. And, if you’d like to see us write a feature or a blog post on a particular bathroom topic, why not get in touch and tell us about it?