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13 Apr 2011: Video: Cat attacks loo roll

Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear. Here’s a scene that’s all too familiar to many devoted pet owners – a cat, seemingly possessed with a murderous hatred for your toilet roll, decides to kill it and remove it from the face of the earth. And the results are not pretty, as the following clip reveals: […]

24 Aug 2010: Fleeing to the bathroom to hide from a web addiction

This just in from New York – a Queens comedian has taken to living in his bathroom and sleeping in his bath tub in a last-ditch bid to cut himself off from online distractions.

17 Aug 2010: Jesus spotted in mouldy bathroom

The human ability to see patterns in what many might regard as random shapes knows no bounds – as this story from the Brighton Argus shows.

21 Aug 2008: MyBathroomFinder: why people visit us

Most of the visitors to MyBathroomFinder are looking for exactly the kind of things you’d expect – information on specific products or general tips such as advice on how to fit a shower. But we do get some far more off-the-wall searches – here are a few examples from the site stats that have caught our eye recently.

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