Welcome for water labelling scheme

Water use watchdog Waterwise has welcomed the new water efficiency labelling scheme introduced this month by the Bathroom Manufacturers Association (BMA). See our earlier story on this topic here.

The new scheme aims to help meet government targets to reduce water consumption, raise awareness of water efficiency issues and help consumers make informed decisions about the products they buy.

It is open to all manufacturers and importers selling water-efficient WCs, cisterns, taps, shower controls and baths in the UK.

Jacob Tompkins, Director of Waterwise, said: “It is exciting to finally see a water efficiency labelling scheme in the UK.

“Many other countries throughout the world, including Australia, America and other European countries already provide consumers with water saving information.

“The BMA Labelling Scheme will enable consumers to make better, more informed choices on which products to buy.”

Waterwise also has its own water Waterwise Marque, which is awarded annually to products which reduce water wastage or raise the awareness of water efficiency.

To learn more, visit the Waterwise website and the Bathroom Manufacturers’ Association website.