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6 Apr 2011: Etiquette expert offers guidance on bathroom reading

Have you ever wondered whether there are some things you simply shouldn’t do in the bathroom? For instance, reading poetry? Or even opening your morning post?

4 Mar 2011: Interior designer advises: “Ditch your bath”

Looking for a radical way to create space in your small bathroom? Then get rid of the bath – the chances are that you’re not using it that much anyway.

19 Jan 2011: A World of Warcraft-themed bathroom – step by step

It’s great to have hobbies, and even better if you can share them with your significant other. That’s exactly what has led this couple, Paul and Gloria, to create a World of Warcraft-themed bathroom.

26 Nov 2010: Neighbours’ complaints free pensioner trapped in bathroom for 20 days

An elderly woman trapped in her bathroom due to a jammed lock spent 20 days imprisoned there before she was able to alert neighbours – who thought she was a DIY pest.

12 Oct 2010: Check water usage with The Water Calculator

Want to know how much water a new bathroom will use? Need to check that it meets the building regulations? You now can do all that and more at the click of a mouse.

17 Sep 2010: Missing painting found hanging in bathroom

A lost painting worth more than a million dollars that went missing for six weeks has turned up – hanging on the bathroom wall of a New York doorman.

14 Sep 2010: World Water Week celebrates 20th anniversary

Last week was the 20th anniversary of World Water Week – an event that seeks solutions to water problems and examines the issues facing people worldwide when it comes to access to this precious resource.

4 Sep 2010: Internet-free bathroom comedian: “I’ve grown as a person”

Remember that guy from New York who shut himself in his bathroom for a week, to the consternation of his wife, in order to break his Internet addiction? You’re dying to know how he got on, right?

3 Sep 2010: Top tip: When tackling bathroom spiders, don’t use your lighter

Three cheers this week for the kind man who tried to help his partner by removing a scary spider from the bath-tub. But a big thumbs-down for the impracticality of method he chose.

24 Aug 2010: Fleeing to the bathroom to hide from a web addiction

This just in from New York – a Queens comedian has taken to living in his bathroom and sleeping in his bath tub in a last-ditch bid to cut himself off from online distractions.

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