Get your coffee fix in the shower

Never let it be said that MyBathroomFinder doesn’t let you know about the very best in personal grooming products. This has been on the market for a while but seems to be getting quite a bit of attention at the moment.

Shower Shock from Think Geek is a caffeinated range of soap and shower gel for those people who really can’t get going in the mornings. Here’s the story from The Guardian:

Help may be at hand for the sort of person who is in such a rush that they don’t have time both to shower and drink a cappuccino – a caffeinated bar of soap.

The manufacturers claim that as a person lathers him or herself with the Shower Shock soap it releases caffeine that is absorbed into the user’s system and provides the same hit as a couple of cups of coffee.

Happily the soap is also infused with peppermint and citrus scents so you don’t end up smelling like a jar of coffee beans . A shower gel is also on offer, although the makers, Think Geek, warn that neither is recommended for pregnant women or children because of the caffeine content.

Jennifer Kuropkat, of Think Geek, said both products were aimed at people who just did not have time to get the coffee on and get washed. In America, where it was invented, it is being sold under the advertising strapline: “Have smelly co-workers that sleep in too much? Give them the gift of Shower Shock.” Read on here…

Does that sound like just the thing for you…?