Designer radiators with a warm heart – and with money off

In most homes, radiators are pretty low down the list of design features – usually, they’re the boring white things stuck in the corner or disguised as best as possible. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

A radiator in a well-chosen colour – be it boldly contrasting or subtly complementing – can be a real feature in a room, but the blessed things are difficult to paint and if you buy a pre-painted one then you’re usually restricted to a limited number of colours.

Not so with Belograd, which offers its “designer radiators with a warm heart” in 200 different colours at no extra cost. Easy matching comes from its use of the widely-adopted RAL colour standard.

The company says: “Belgorad believes that when you buy a designer radiator, you should not have to choose the obligatory white. Furthermore – why should you pay a premium for a ‘non-standard’ colour? For the same money, choose a colour you really like.”

You can buy Belograd coloured radiators online at Heat and Plumb by following this link – and if you make your purchase before July 30 you can get a whole 15 per cent off.

According to Heat and Plumb: “Choosing to buy a colour radiator can be a daunting prospect. However with RAL colour standards you have the opportunity to identify the coloured radiator of your choice, without the lottery associated with monitor colour variations.

“If you don’t want to settle for a classic white radiator, now you can have the colour matched radiator you deserve with a professional powder coated finish.”