Fleeing to the bathroom to hide from a web addiction

This just in from New York – a Queens comedian has taken to living in his bathroom and sleeping in his bath tub in a last-ditch bid to cut himself off from online distractions.

Mark Malkoff, 34, vowed to “do something extreme” after feeling his lack of control over his web browsing, obsessive checking of emails and fascination with gossip sites was getting out of hand.

AM New York’s Urbanite section has the story:

Queens man lives in bathroom to cut off tech addiction

In recent years, Malkoff had become a full-blown tech addict, checking his iPhone constantly and flipping through Twitter, Facebook and the Drudge Report all day.

The prankster has previous similar schemes to live in unusual places, including sleeping for a month in an Ikea store.

While he spends the next few days in his “new apartment,” Malkoff’s storing his clothes in a shower caddy and keeping his food in the bathroom cabinets. To pass all his new free time, Malkoff intends to read a friend’s screenplay, write letters to friends and finish a book proposal.

When his wife needs to use the bathroom, he’ll gather up his sleep bag and then go right back in after she’s done. Read the full story here.

Of course, gadgets are finding their way into the bathroom too, with shower radios, waterproof TVs and even the iDuck, a floating speaker for your MP3 player, becoming commonplace.

And your editorial team once visited a house where, um, using the facilities was one of the few ways to get mobile phone reception. Mr Malkoff may not be as safe as he thinks.

No-one tell him that…