Internet-free bathroom comedian: “I’ve grown as a person”

Remember that guy from New York who shut himself in his bathroom for a week, to the consternation of his wife, in order to break his Internet addiction? You’re dying to know how he got on, right?

Well, Mark Malkoff – a 34-year-old comedian with form in these matters – achieved his goal of quashing his online activity by leaving his mobile phone on the far side of the door and sleeping in his bath (he claimed that he stepped outside if the room was needed by others for the purpose the architects intended).

Malkoff said on emerging: “I got a lot done. By the end, I was really happy. My inner peace and tranquility soared.” But he admitted that he gained weight from living on granola bars and ramen noodles and getting no exercise.

You can read his full story in AM New York’s Urbanite pages here. But, if you don’t have much time and would appreciate a quick rundown of his achievements, you’ll be pleased to know that he improved his guitar-playing skills and learned the names of all 44 US presidents as well as knitting and writing a book proposal.

Mind you, he’s not exactly the first of us to retreat behind the bathroom door in a quest for a little peace and quiet…