Some more decluttering tips for your bathroom

If there’s one type of company you’d expect to be an expert on decluttering then it’s a self-storage expert.

After all, they are people who help us out with somewhere to put our stuff while we’re moving, renovating, having a clear-out or just deciding what we will need for the next phase of our lives. Which is why we were intrigued to see some bathroom declutter tips on the blog of Big Yellow Self-Storage recently.

It’s good advice on how to stop stuff taking over a room that’s already likely to be very limited in space. Here’s what they have to say:

Big Yellow blog: Maximise the space in your bathroom

A great way to start clearing the clutter and maximising the space is by throwing away any items that have expired or products that you no longer use.

Shelves are a versatile storage solution that match any décor and can be added to a blank wall space which will give you the opportunity to find a place for items in your bathroom. Corner shelves are very useful to maximise the space in the corner of your bathroom and be purchased ready-made from household retailers.

Wicker baskets are practical, provide simple storage solutions and can aid in the décor of your bathroom. Read the full piece here.

Have you recently faced a bathroom decluttering challenge? Let us know how you got on.