Extra funding for home adaptations that allow independent living

The government has announced that hundreds of older and less mobile people across the country will be able to benefit from an extra £11.5 million for home adaptations to help them live independently.

The funding is designed to help councils improve their Disabled Facilities Grant (DFG) programme until the end of March.

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According to an announcement this week from the Government office for Communities and Local Government, the programme already helps around 35,000 disabled and older people live safely and independently in their home each year.

It pays for adaptations such as wheelchair ramps, stair lifts and downstairs bathrooms.

The government says that programme has seen its funding more than double from £57 million in 1997 to £126 million this year with this now set to increase to £138 million.

Applicants can receive a grant of up to £25,000 for the provision of adaptations.

Further announcements are due on the future funding of Disabled Facilities Grant as it is currently under review.