Shower of love for Michelle and John

Michelle Reynolds and John Ricart met when he came to fix her shower

A couple of days ago we wrote how there was no shame in getting in experts to work on your bathroom for you. Today we learned about an Arizona estate agent who would certainly agree – Michelle Reynolds was so pleased with the plumber who fixed her shower that she married him.

John Ricart was sent to her new home by her warranty company to fix a leak in her shower head that was soaking down into the kitchen below. One quick repair later, he was gone – leaving quite an impression on Michelle.

She told Arizona Republic writer Sadie Jo Smokey: “He was really cute, and my age, but of course it was eight in the morning, and my hair was sticking up. When he left I called all my friends and said, ‘Why did the cute plumber have to come over at 8 a.m. when I was looking horrible?’”

But although John was gone, the leak wasn’t. Michelle called the warranty company again, and John was sent out for a second time.

He told the paper: “This time I was fully determined to open a hole in her wall, but then she told me she leaves the shower running for a long time before she gets in. I had her turn the shower on and do what she normally does. I waited for like a half-hour, until water leaked out the side of the shower curtain, down the wall, to the floor below.”

No hole in the wall was required, just a better shower curtain technique. But during the half-hour it took to discover this, they talked. And talked. And exchanged phone numbers. Two dates later, John warned Michelle he planned to marry her.

“Sometimes you just know, you know?” he told the Republic. “She’s very beautiful. She was a firm, strong businesswoman, and I loved it.”

It took a while, but Michelle agreed and 11 months after their first meeting they were married. Michelle continues to work as an estate agent, while the couple also own West Coast Plumbing. And, according to the Republic, Michelle Reynolds-Ricart has some advice for her single friends: break your shower – you never know when a cute plumber will come to fix it.