Turn your bathroom clutter into state-of-the-art design

We bet you thought that having a cabinet stuffed with clutter was a shameful thing that was utterly ruining your cool, sleek, minimalist bathroom credentials…

Well, two designers from Pembrokeshire have turned bathroom clutter into an art-form – literally.

Marcus Beck and Simon Macro, of Freshwest Design, have won an Elle Décor Magazine Design Award for their creation – a cheerfully yellow bathroom cabinet with pictures of its contents stencilled in outline on the exterior.

They beat top names such as furniture designer Jasper Morrison and Ross Lovegrove, of Sony Walkman, Apple computer and Mathmos Fluidium fame.

They say of their creation: “The ‘inside-out’ bathroom cabinet is a play on the idea of decoration. It’s made from aluminium composite – a material that’s more at home in industry than contemporary furniture design.

“But it was perfect for what we wanted – to reverse everything and reveal what’s inside, on the outside.”

The cabinet is likely to be available in the new year priced at approximately £250.

You can visit the designers’ website and have a look – we’d love to include a direct link but sadly they’ve opted for one of those monolithic flash site that scores highly on looks but is completely hopeless when it comes to linking and accessibility.

So the curious will have to get motivated to fight their own way through to it. For what it’s worth, we think the principles of good design include usability and fitness for purpose – and that goes for websites too.