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17 Sep 2008: Catch the 100% Design Show in London on Sunday

It’s nearly time for one of the biggest design and interiors events of the year – and it could be the perfect place to get inspiration for your home.

9 Jun 2008: Coloured bathrooms are on the way back!

You heard it here first – coloured bathrooms are on their way back. And, for those people who don’t want to go the whole hog and install a coloured suite (if you can find one; white is currently the new everything) you can use coloured tiles and accessories as accents.

13 Dec 2007: 100 years of the Ideal Home Show

Got your eyes on March yet? It may be a few months off, but it’ll be a big occasion for everyone interested in homes and interior design – it sees the 100th anniversary of the Ideal Home show.

21 Nov 2007: Turn your bathroom clutter into state-of-the-art design

We bet you thought that having a cabinet stuffed with clutter was a shameful thing that was utterly ruining your cool, sleek, minimalist bathroom credentials…

25 Sep 2007: Get your very own glass radiators…

Here’s a beautiful household product – the glass radiator. That’s right – instead of all that nasty painted metal, you simply have a sheet of glass that radiates heat.

25 Sep 2007: RCA exhibition: bathroom design meets art and sustainability

Well, this is quite something. You might be very proud of the sleek, contemporary look you’ve achieved in your bathroom, with its brilliantly-executed colour scheme and its themed accessories. We’re sure that even the towels match. But is it art?

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