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  • Etiquette expert offers guidance on bathroom reading

    Have you ever wondered whether there are some things you simply shouldn’t do in the bathroom? For instance, reading poetry? Or even opening your morning post?

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  • Solve all your problems while sitting on the loo…

    Solve all your problems while sitting on the loo – that’s the promise made by an author whose latest book is being marketed as “perfect bathroom reading”. Ernie Carwile’s Maxwell Winston Stone series aims to impart eternal wisdom during that crucial five to seven minutes while you are closeted in the bathroom, performing your ablutions.

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  • Bathroom readers: you’re not alone

    Do you enjoy taking a good book into the bathroom with you? And does this habit get you laughed at by unsympathetic household members? Never fear – you might be in a minority in your own home, but you’re not alone. 2008 is the 20th anniversary of the Bathroom Readers’ Institute and its series of…

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