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4 Mar 2011: Interior designer advises: “Ditch your bath”

Looking for a radical way to create space in your small bathroom? Then get rid of the bath – the chances are that you’re not using it that much anyway.

18 Dec 2010: This week in bathrooms: 18/12/2010

So, what has made the news in the world of bathrooms this week? Here are a few stories from around the world spotted by us.

4 Dec 2010: This week in bathrooms: 04/12/2010

What snippets and insights from the world of bathrooms have come our way this week? Here are some of the stories and features that caught the eye of the team.

26 Oct 2010: The reluctant home improver: bathroom redesign

Has improving your bathroom ever seemed like a task that is simply too big, complex or expensive to take on? Did you conclude that it was easier simply to live with what you had – or was the combination of horrid tub, garish tiles and water-guzzling toilet cistern finally too much to take?

30 Sep 2010: A paperless bathroom – could it be done?

Here’s news of a great blog post that we came across today which asks whether, since toilet paper has a huge environmental cost, it is actually possible to find an alternative?

7 Sep 2010: Some more decluttering tips for your bathroom

If there’s one type of company you’d expect to be an expert on decluttering then it’s a self-storage expert. They’re the people who help us out with somewhere to put our stuff while we’re moving, renovating, having a clear-out or just deciding what we will need for the next phase of our lives.

3 Sep 2010: This week in bathrooms: 3/09/2010

Whether you’re looking for consumer advice, tips for recycled bathroom fixtures or the very best geeky accessories for your bathroom, check out what we’ve been reading from this week’s online bathroom news and views.

27 Aug 2010: This week in bathrooms: 27/08/2010

It might be the August silly season, but there’s no shortage of bathroom news this week – as well as manufacturers offering Bank Holiday bathroom bargains, that is.

20 Aug 2010: This week in bathrooms: 20/08/2010

Here’s a taste of our online bathroom reading this week.

13 Aug 2010: This week in bathrooms: 13/08/2010

Here are our top picks from the bathroom news, features and opinion pieces that have caught our eye online this week.

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