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20 Jan 2011: Towel radiator valves – all you need to know

Online bathroom and plumbing supplies retailer Bath Empire has put together a nice video explaining alll the ins and outs of towel radiator valves.

10 Dec 2010: This week in bathrooms: 10/12/2010

So, what’s been going on in the world of bathrooms this week? Here are a few news stories that caught our eye here at

11 Oct 2010: 10 ways to cut waste in the bathroom

On the day after 10/10/10, and continuing the green theme of the last post, we’ve been keeping our eyes peeled for more green bathroom tips.

9 Sep 2010: Pick up water-saving tips with Tap Into Savings

Are you interested in saving water and using this precious resource more efficiently in your home? If so, you might like to check out a new initiative that’s planning to involve 10,000 more people during 2010.

6 Jul 2010: Why people visited recently

People have been visiting recently and searching for the answer to some pretty amazing queries.

13 Mar 2008: Practical tips for a greener bathroom

Going green in the bathroom isn’t always the easiest of exercises – because it has to stand up to heavy-duty use, resist damp and be amenable to cleaning. It’s hard to recycle used bathroom products and hard to install stuff that’s got a decent green pedigree in the first place. But, do not despair. There are still steps you can take.

30 Aug 2007: Bathroom dilemmas: doing up a bathroom in a rented flat

Here’s the dilemma of the rented flat-dweller: how much do you do yourself, and how much do you leave to the landlord? We figured, there are times when there’s just no point in expecting other people to sort your life out for you. But obviously, under the circumstances, we wanted a nice living environment for as little as we could possibly spend. So, how to sort out our horrible old bathroom without leaving ourselves too far out of pocket?

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    Bath Empire is an online-only retailer of modern bathroom fixtures. It aims to provide desirable, long lasting products at affordable prices, balancing quality with the lowest prices online. Here are some of the most popular products from its website:

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