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3 Jun 2008: Advice on finding a competent plumber (LOL)

A brief moment of humour for those beset with plumbing problems: why not make a nice cup of tea and let your cat sort it out

13 Feb 2008: Hitchcock bathroom: a makeover to die for…

Here’s news on a bathroom makeover you don’t see every day, courtesy of US crafts and DIY site Craftster.

14 Jan 2008: Bathroom blog roundup: bright yellow sinks, green paint and wire mesh

It’s the middle of January and finally we can’t pretend it’s the holiday season any more. With everybody back at their keyboards and working away, it’s a good time to take a look at the best of the New Year crop of bathroom blogs and see what is occupying other writers on the subject this week.

11 Dec 2007: Bathroom blog roundup: massage functions and gleaming surfaces

We thought that, as a new feature for the MyBathroomFinder blog, we’d have a look at what some other bloggers have to say about the world of bathrooms and home decor this week.

22 Jan 2007: Pac-Man bathroom: Sublime or ridiculous?

We love this bathroom design, chronicled by – it’s a superb mosaic of the Pac-Man game done in tiles around the walls. Or perhaps you have to be old enough to remember the Pac-Man game…

30 Nov 2006: Italian design, English traditionalism

We were curious, after looking into that hyper-stylish, hyper-expensive, hyper-colourful Italian shower a few days ago, to see what other instant bathroom classics were coming from the drawing boards of Italian designers.

4 Nov 2006: Bathroom blogfest

We missed all the fun, it seems, but Susan Abbott at the Customer Experience Crossroads blog has just run a summary of the posts generated by what she expected to be a fun little experiment that just grew.

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