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30 Sep 2010: A paperless bathroom – could it be done?

Here’s news of a great blog post that we came across today which asks whether, since toilet paper has a huge environmental cost, it is actually possible to find an alternative?

7 Sep 2010: Some more decluttering tips for your bathroom

If there’s one type of company you’d expect to be an expert on decluttering then it’s a self-storage expert. They’re the people who help us out with somewhere to put our stuff while we’re moving, renovating, having a clear-out or just deciding what we will need for the next phase of our lives.

3 Sep 2010: How badly do you need to hear the bathroom door close?

Are you one of those people that badly needs the privacy of a bathroom door, with shared public conveniences proving a trial that make the bladder muscles clench unalterably? If so, don’t read this.

3 Sep 2010: This week in bathrooms: 3/09/2010

Whether you’re looking for consumer advice, tips for recycled bathroom fixtures or the very best geeky accessories for your bathroom, check out what we’ve been reading from this week’s online bathroom news and views.

27 Aug 2010: This week in bathrooms: 27/08/2010

It might be the August silly season, but there’s no shortage of bathroom news this week – as well as manufacturers offering Bank Holiday bathroom bargains, that is.

20 Aug 2010: This week in bathrooms: 20/08/2010

Here’s a taste of our online bathroom reading this week.

13 Aug 2010: This week in bathrooms: 13/08/2010

Here are our top picks from the bathroom news, features and opinion pieces that have caught our eye online this week.

6 Aug 2010: This week in bathrooms: 6/08/2010

Here’s a round-up of some of the bathroom news and views that caught our eye during the week ending Friday August 6.

30 Jul 2010: Check out these makeover tips for small bathrooms

Dealing with a small bathroom? Getting fed up with it? Then look no further.

10 Jun 2008: Blog roundup: recycled toothbrushes, the colour blue and finding a decent plumber

Time for us to have another scoot through the online world of bathrooms and interior design and to bring you the very best news and comment.

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